"Keep an eye out for this one because itís gonna be a blast." --- Warcry

"Independent Multiplayer Game of the Year, 2004" - Game Tunnel

Void War is a single-player and multiplayer 3D space combat shooter / simulation. Take the the void and prove you are the best!

Fiction and Setting

Ships of Void War
Get a peek at the playable ships of the Void War Universe. <READ MORE>

The Universe of Void War
as told by Lance Dawson, Void-Runner

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Let me bring you up to speed.

About thirty years ago, a crazy but well-funded scientist named Ethan Blade went out into space and created a number of weird formations with these pylons of his own design. Then he disappeared.

Voidspace and Void Points: A Primer
by Tolliver Blair

A short look at the history of interstellar travel.  <READ MORE>

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Two different  multiplayer modes allow you to prove your skill against the best pilots in the Galaxy (or at least on the Internet).

Single-player modes include a free-for-all practice mode, and a campaign game sends you on an adventure through deadly battlefields against unique opponents.

Intense 3D battlefields in space - fly and fight through asteroid fields, space stations, and bizarre deep-space anomalies. Whip around hyper-gravity wells and coast past your enemies.

Six unique spacecraft to master, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

Lethal "Boss" enemies will challenge your skills to the utmost in campaign mode.

Fast action, with easy-to-learn controls.

Available now on Windows PC (requires DirectX 8.1+ and compatible hardware)

System Requirements: Windows 98 or later, 600 mhz CPU or faster, DirectX 8.1+, 16MB+ 3D Card (TNT2 or comparable or better), sound card.

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